Becoming a Kent State Men's Rugby Club Sponsor

Why should you become a sponsor?


Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and is very dominate in North East Ohio. Your company will get noticed at all home games as well as on our personal website and our social media outlets, which are growing exponentially, where potential players/family members will be visiting constantly. Your sponsorship will help the program to pay for several expenses that the team occurs naturally throughout the season such as travel, tournament dues, USA Rugby dues, game expenses (referee, field, medical personnel).


Benefits to your company...


The Kent State Men’s Rugby Program is a student organization under the umbrella of tax exemption as a 501c3. Donations you make to the club may be used as tax write-offs, but we urge you to consult your tax professional. Plus, depending on which package you choose the team offers several different avenues of advertisement for your company.

Want to become a sponsor?

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